Monday, July 16, 2012

Up and Running...Again!

I have finally dusted off the old keyboard and re-launched my makeup blog. PLEASE feel free to check it out and tell your friends, family, co-workers...EVERYONE! The more the merrier! And thanks for your support! Go to and have some fun!

October-So Much To Do, So Little Time!

Mikaela, Carter, Haylie, Vance and Desi
Mikaela making slime at the Dinosaur Park
Haylie looks pretty pleased with her cup of slime The girls and their cousins at the Dinosaur Park. The night was perfect weather for haunting the grounds and enjoying the sights and sounds. The girls love going here every year-I love that its close and family friendly! We spent the night wandering the grounds with BJ, Alenna and their kids and Alenna's sister, Julie and her daughter Desi. Lots of fun and lots of laughs!
Mikaela and Zombie Girl-guess she's not scared!
Zombie Boy, Mikaela and Erin looking pretty chummy with the undead.
The girls with yet another zombie.
Mom and Dad with the girls and their cousin Emily Of course, our October is not complete without the annual trip to "Thriller". We got to see it at WSU this year, which was nice because it was closer and my dad decided to go. This was Mikaela's first year, too. I wondered how she would feel being surrounded by zombies, but apparently my fears were unfounded. She loved it!
Making faces at Frighmares!
Not really sure who this guy's supposed to be, but the girls are all smiles about it.
Three glam witches with two in training...does that constitute a coven?
Mikaela rockin' the MoNsTeR MaSh!
Mikaela is just a little too disturbing here! Yikes!
Ahhh Wednesday and Chucky...every little girl's dream. Although, Haylie does seem to cop the same attitude (of Wednesday, that is)! Frightmares is also on our list of Halloween activities. I actually think that's the funnest time in the park. Lagoon=boring. Frightmares=fabulous!
My two ghoulish zombies on Halloween night. Truly a fright!
Dad and Mom with the ghouls. Poor Chloe-she looks scared out of her little doggy wits. My favorite season may be summer, but my heart belongs to October and all things Halloween. I try to cram as much as is humanly possibly into 30 short days. I don't always get to do everything I want, but I get my fix. Luckily, my girls indulge me and happily smile whenever I drag them off to see something new. Halloween was fun, but we missed Daddy terribly (he had to attend a conference out of state). Here's looking forward to next Halloween!

Camping 2011!

Holy Cow! So, I'm posting camping trip pics from LAST YEAR! I'm sooo awesome at blogging! Oh well, its getting done-just not at warp speed. So here's some fun photos of our camping adventures of last year just in time to add to this year's collection. Hoop Lake and Flaming Gorge with Eric's brother BJ and his boys and my sister Dallin. Good times, no injuries, and only a few tears-can't complain about that. It was nice to get BJ back up on the mountain for the first time in years, too! Looking forward to many more camping trips to come!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanks In Giving

This has not been an easy year for me. It hasn't been the worst either. When I consider the year as a whole, I realize that although some things have not come to fruition for me, especially one thing in particular, I have much to be thankful for.

I have a beautiful home in a safe and quiet neighborhood full of really good neighbors. I have two beautiful children who are healthy and happy and thriving. I have a sweet husband who, after nearly 16 years of marriage, still loves all of my craziness. I have three of the most amazing sisters on the planet and two kind and loving parents who still continue to teach me what it means to be a good parent myself. I have security, good health, a good job, great friends and Eric and I are able to provide for the needs of our children-such wonderful blessings from the Lord!

I have wonderful parents-in-law who treat me with love and respect. I am very grateful to have them in my life.

Overall, I am one blessed girl! I have had to deal with many personal challenges this year and come to grips with the reality that having more children is probably no longer an option for me. It has been heartbreakingly painful to watch that dream begin to fade. I have not always been the nicest person to be around as I've struggled to understand and work through the torrent of emotions that have seemed never-ending at times. This is a trial that has tested the very foundation of my faith at times. I am so thankful to be able to say that it has undoubtedly strengthened not only my testimony, but also my relationship with my Heavenly Father. There is nothing I love more than being a mother and I cannot express how much fulfillment and contentment I have experienced as I raise my two daughters. I cherish every moment I have with them and I do not take any of it for granted because I know how hard I fought to get them here.

My blessings are numerous and in a time where so many have so little, my cup truly runneth over. How grateful I am for the trials and tribulations I have been given by a loving Heavenly Father who has shown me kindness and compassion and provided me with multiple opportunities to build and strengthen my testimony, my character and my faith.

Beautiful Butterflies!

Well, I'm not exactly sure what kind of butterfly Mikaela is trying to channel-frankly, I'm not sure I want to know. She's looking a little crazy.
We went downtown to the Farmer's Market with my parents one fine Saturday morning in August where my girls swiftly convinced my mom and dad to buy them magnets (or "maganets" as Mikaela calls them) and facepaintings. Now, my dad has always been a bit of a softie when it comes to his girls, but ever since the grandkids came along there's NOTHING he would refuse them. Any and all resolve completely melts the moment the grandkids run through the door. He's the kind of grandpa everyone wishes they had. I am beyond blessed to have such a completely kind and generous man who will drop anything he's doing if I ever call on him to help me with my girls. There are no words to describe how much I appreciate and rely on my wonderful father. There are not many men who are so completely devoted to their grandchildren and actually WANT to be around them for any extended length of time-I count my lucky stars that I not only know such a man, but was also raised by him too!
My girls love going to their house and watch my mother when she's cooking. They love helping her and want to do everything she does-teach them well mom, so I can hand over the keys to the kitchen! They especially love having her show them how to stitch and crochet. She's the perfect teacher for it too! I don't have half the skill she does when it comes to teaching those kinds of things.
I'm so grateful for such loving and generous parents. You are truly a blessing to me and my family and we sure do love you!

Sleeping Out!

Sorry, I know we're a mile past summertime, but I'm just getting around to working on all the summer fun me and the girls had! This is where we spent the majority of our summer evenings-sleeping out on the back deck watching movies!
The girls loved it and I actually enjoyed the cool night air. Too bad there were so many mosquitoes! Those things are seriously my living nightmare during the summer months. Oh well, what's a few mosquito bites compared to a full summer of memories? The girls sure didn't complain-for once-and I am just grateful that I was able to spend the time with them.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A Few of My Favorite Quotes About Kids

The only thing worth stealing is a kiss from a sleeping child. ~Joe Houldsworth

Anyone who thinks the art of conversation is dead ought to tell a child to go to bed. ~Robert Gallagher

Any kid will run any errand for you if you ask at bedtime. ~Red Skelton

If there were no schools to take the children away from home part of the time, the insane asylums would be filled with mothers. ~Edgar W. Howe

If you haven't time to respond to a tug at your pants leg, your schedule is too crowded. ~Robert Brault

There are no seven wonders of the world in the eyes of a child. There are seven million. ~Walt Streightiff

A rose can say "I love you",
orchids can enthrall,
but a weed bouquet in a chubby fist,
yes, that says it all.
~Author Unknown

A child seldom needs a good talking to as a good listening to. ~Robert Brault

While we try to teach our children all about life,
Our children teach us what life is all about.
~Angela Schwindt